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Nobody knows your industry quite like you do. The challenges and the accomplishments.

The trials and the triumphs. After all – you’re there in the trenches, day in and day out.

You don’t need a one-size-fits-all coaching program. You need the guidance and mentorship of someone who’s been in your shoes. A coach who knows exactly what you are dealing with and can provide the kind of real-world, targeted mentorship you need to achieve real, long-lasting results.

That’s where VisionFire Coaching can help! Each and every one of our coaches has been hand-selected, both for their expertise in professional coaching as well as their hands-on industry experience.

Whether you are in marketing, finance, executive leadership or something else,
you’ll find everything you need to transform your life here.

Please see below to view our current roster of industry-leading coaches, mentors and life-changers. Don’t see your industry listed? Send us a message at greatidea@visionfirecoaching.com with your request.

You deserve to enjoy your best life – personally AND professionally. Let our industry experts get you there!

Tax Preparation & Accounting.

Tax Preparation Businesses, Digital Transformation, Virtual Leadership, Adversity, Marketing, Growth, Cryptocurrency Taxation


Mario Costanz.

A lifelong CEO with high risk tolerance, who has bucked economic trends and supercharged business growth–even during downturns. After successfully operating and selling 99 retail tax offices, Mario invented and established the digital, virtual-assisted segment of the tax industry. He’s disrupted industries by combining visionary leadership and relentless drive with expertise in tax, accounting, digital marketing, fintech and franchising. A father of 3 children, his accomplishments as a Stanford Graduate School of Business mentor, author of 2 bestselling books, winner of 6 industry awards and public speaker stem from his sincere desire to improve lives and streamline systems.