Famous Entrepreneurs Who Had Business Coaches and How it Helped Them

Have you considered hiring a business coach but aren’t sure how it will help you? There is a lot of information out there about building and growing a business, but most if not all of it is very generic in nature.

A business coach can help you by giving you personalized advice that is fine-tuned to your business or organization. Getting this kind of customized advice is the key to making a business successful.

If you still want more proof, you may also want to consider looking at some famous entrepreneurs who used business coaches and how it helped them. A few examples of famous people who used a business coach include:

  • Eric Schmidt former CEO of Google
  • Steve Bennett former CEO of Intuit
  • Barack Obama
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Metallica
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Serena Williams
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Chuck Liddell

Steve Bennett the former CEO of Intuit goes as far as saying he believes coaches are vital to ongoing professional development.

Even Barack Obama agrees that business coaching helped him advance his career, and no one can argue that Obama wasn’t successful!

Oprah Winfrey attributes some of her success in life to her life coach Martha Beck and she is always the first person to tell people that success is not often achieved on your own.

Even the famous band Metallica recognizes the benefit of having a coach. Metallica used a coach to help them align themselves with a common goal so they could work together in harmony.

While they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there is no questioning their level of success.

Famous movie stars also use some form of coaching, including Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio has worked with life coach Tony Robbins to help him prepare for many roles.

Hugh Jackman also worked with a life coach and was in awe of what a coach could provide.

MMA fighter Chuck Liddell also used a coach to help him ramp up his game both mentally and physically. Liddell is one of the greatest athletes and fighters in the game and he owes much of that to the benefits of coaching.

Business coaching is a valuable resource used by some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there and if it works for them, it can definitely work for you.

How Can a Business Coach Help You?

In addition to all the great professional development advice a business coach can provide, it can also give you objective feedback, a broader network and fresh, new ideas.

Sometimes it’s hard to be objective. Being objective when it comes to your own company is nearly impossible. There are many reasons for this including the fact that you’re often too close to the details or you’re immersed in those day-to-day operations to the point that you can’t see the forest through the trees.

You may also have become accustomed to the way things are, to the point that you are missing out on ways it could be better. A business coach can offer you a fresh look and help you determine what your strengths and weaknesses are both as a CEO and on the business as a whole.

A great business coach can also connect you to other powerful people who can help grow your business. Success is often defined not by what you know but who you know. A great coach can advise you on how to leverage and extend your current business network.

Business coaches are people with a broad range of experience in your chosen industry. They can help you better understand the challenges you face and what steps are the most critical for you.

Business Coaching – The Secret Weapon

Today’s business world is a tough, competitive place. You need an edge to succeed. Things change at the speed of light and if you don’t keep up on the latest trends, you may fall short.

The strategies that worked great yesterday may not work great tomorrow. A business coach can help you stay up to date on the latest business trends so that you can stay competitive in your industry.

One thing we know for sure, no matter what business you are in – if you aren’t committed to personal growth and development, you may get left behind.

Life is all about change and if you’re standing still, you will probably get run over by the competition.

Everyone needs a little help every now and then. Even the most successful people in the world ask for help when things aren’t going well or when they need something.

The number one thing most entrepreneurs have in common is the fact that they are resourceful. When it comes to being successful, resourcefulness is a great asset.

A great business coach can help you push beyond those self-perceived limits helping you see things differently.

People don’t often achieve high levels of success without a little help. Many famous people have used some form of coaching to take their lives or their businesses to that next level of success.

What Can a Business Coach Do For You?

A business coach can help you take your goals a step further, helping you clarify your goals into a realistic, attainable objective for your company.

The bottom line is this: coaching is an important tool to utilize. A business coach can help you achieve massive results. Business coaching can help you become wildly successful because it helps you think differently.

Business coaching is a great asset to utilize, whether you have a small or a large business. With a business coach, you can plan out your growth and discover new ways to achieve unlimited success.

Everyone can benefit from using a business coach from athletes to famous people. A coach isn’t just there to help you achieve goals but to help you formulate a plan for success going forward.

A business coach can help you increase revenue, help you become a more effective leader and help you thrive through challenging times. A great business coach can also help you retain and recruit the top talent in your field.

All of this can help you build a roadmap for your own success helping you master any business goal.

Many people don’t realize what a business coach can really do for their business. A business coach doesn’t do the work for you but rather works alongside you. They help keep you in the game much like a cheerleader.

The biggest mistake you can make as an entrepreneur is thinking that you know everything. Having that mindset could even backfire on you and keep you from reaching out to those who can help you.

Today’s business world can be a demanding tough place. You need an edge to survive and thrive. A business coach can give you that edge and a whole lot more.

As you can see a business coach can help you in many areas. No one can do it all. The best plan of success is knowing when to pull in an expert.

If you aren’t seeing the results you want or you feel like you need someone to help guide you, investing in a business coach will be the best money you ever spent.